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About Us

Our Mission

YogaReach® LLC is at the forefront of adaptive therapeutic yoga, offering a comprehensive range of classes and serving as a continuing education resource.


Collaborating with like-minded organizations, we deliver group adaptive therapeutic yoga programs and teacher workshops led by experienced and highly trained instructors from our professional training program.


Our programs cater to individuals facing ongoing medical challenges and those supporting them.


With a focus on ability development and enhancement, YogaReach teaches an integrated system encompassing adaptive poses, breath work, movements, executive function skills, brain teasers, strengthening activities, balance skills, mindfulness meditation practices, and fosters group/individual discussions.


We empower our clients to concentrate on achievable goals, fostering an optimistic approach to overcoming obstacles.


Through the fusion of thought and action, our therapeutic yoga instruction guides clients in developing weakened skills, conquering perceived impossibilities, and rejuvenating their spirit.


Join us on a journey of empowerment and transformation.

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Clients and Partners We Empower:


  • Clients with Parkinson's disease and movement disorders 

  • Care givers, and family members

  • Care partners 

  • Centers in need of programs/instructor development 

  • Yoga Studios developing program enrichment 

  • Health Centers invested in growing body and mind awareness of the role neuroplasticity plays in client recovery

  • Symposiums, and events that provide  workshops and/or presentations by therapeutic yoga educational skills.



Interested in developing  new adaptive therapeutic skills? 


Contact us and learn more! 

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