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Carepartner Support 

YogaReach promotes the Carepartner network.

In the midst of looking after another’s medical, physical, cognitive, emotional and financial concerns, the carepartner’s needs can become bewildered or just vanish. Throughout their partner’s diagnosis with PD, carepartners are challenged to meet their own necessities, become an advocate and at the same time, balancing their partner’s needs.

Our YogaReach sessions are adaptive and inclusive, which make them ideal for cultivating the needs of the support network. We teach carepartners which may include, siblings, spouses, children, aides, and others who may be lending a hand.


The role of the carepartner is twofold. The person is responsible for helping their loved one facing physical and/or mental challenges, while simultaneously taking the time to care for themselves. It is vital to focus on where you are now in your role as a carepartner, discuss changes, explain educational modules, attend to your own needs and share support as you participate in our educational journey


Our adaptive physical movements, restorative poses, and individualized support will increase needs and develop

a social networking group. 











Balance 1.HEIC

Therapeutic yoga can help increase positive feelings and help decrease physical and emotional strain. As our programs encourage mindful practice, YogaReach  sessions help increase harmony and unite the mind, body, and spirit during class and beyond.

Participants will understand;

·    Physical strength and agility differences

·    Cognitive transformations

·    Mindfulness-Stress Reduction methods to help cope              with uncertainty

·    An understanding of how roles shift as diseases progress

·    A stronger resilience in facing fear and anxiety within              relationships

·    Communication skills

·    Patience and how to be more in tune with your own                needs 


Visit our Calendar to learn about ongoing YogaReach classes.

Learn about student and Carepartner Success Stories

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