Caregiver Support and Advocacy

                    YogaReach nourishes the caregiving network.

All YogaReach classes and workshops are adaptive and inclusive, which make them ideal for nourishing the needs of the support network. We teach both individuals facing physical and mental challenges as well as caregivers, parents, siblings and others lending a hand.


The role of the caregiver is twofold. A caregiver is responsible for helping an individual facing physical and/or mental challenges, while simultaneously taking the time to care for themselves. Caring for the physical, mental, and emotional needs of another can be an overwhelming and stressful job. It is vital to make self-care a priority. A caregiver often needs to practice patience and focus on the shifting needs of those in their care. Our adaptive physical movements, restorative poses, and individualized support can help those in the caregiving network continue to care for others while also attending to their own needs. 




Therapeutic yoga can help increase positive feelings and help decrease physical and emotional strain. As our programs encourage mindful practice, YogaReach classes help increase harmony and unite the mind, body, and spirit during class and beyond.

Caregivers who participate in YogaReach classes gain:

  • Physical strength and agility

  • Stress reduction methods to help cope with uncertainty

  • An understanding of how roles shift as diseases progress

  • A stronger resilience in facing fear and anxiety

  • More compassion for the person in their care

  • Patience and how to be more in tune with your own needs 


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