Mindful Movement Class

                Strengthening those affected by Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders

For the approximate 1.5 million people living with the effects of a movement disorder, 225,000 of which are 50 or younger*, adaptive and thoughtful movements (those that you practice repeatedly and purposefully) can help reestablish and strengthen bodily action as well as increase mental alertness. The YogaReach Mindful Movement class is a dynamic adaptive yoga program specifically developed to nurture these skills.


Parkinson's disease (PD) and movement disorders progress differently in each individual, however, the chronic and progressive disease is always associated with a loss of dopamine in the brain. This leads to a loss of control over bodily movement and less mobility, both of which can lead those affected to feelings of negativity and frustration.


Our Mindful Movement class provides a path forward. Therapeutic adaptive yoga is a leading complementary therapy to the medical treatments available for those affected by Parkinson's and other movement disorders. Our YogaReach program includes individualized instruction in a positive, relaxed environment that encourages mindfulness and decreases stress.


Our instructors teach movements and actions "grounded in real life." Students are able to reenact these movement sequences outside of class to improve daily life skills such as reaching for objects they once thought beyond their grasp. Our highly specialized instruction encourages awareness of movement, choice in action, and the reduction of anxiety for this community.


YogaReach Mindful Movement class instruction strengthens:


  • Mobility and flexibility to help students move around and stretch further

  • Posture and balance to help students stand taller and keep their chin up

  • Daily functioning skills to help students reach for what they need

  • Awareness of one's mind and body to help students know where their movements lead

  • Alertness and healing to help students focus and feel better

  • Camaraderie and good cheer to help uplift spirits and move forward


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 * Davis Finney Foundation and Parkinson's Disease Foundation, 2016