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        YogaReach Mindful Movement for Parkinson's Disease

                                    Professional Workshop

                       Adaptive Strategies for those serving clients with Parkinson’s disease (PD)



   Professionals, are you a:​

  • therapeutic yoga instructor noticing an increase in the amount of your students facing a diagnosis with PD ?

  • health care provider or wellness coach yearning to incorporate complementary and therapeutic practices 

       with your clients living with PD?

  • yoga instructor, fitness coach or Carepartner seeking specialized therapeutic yoga programming at your center? ​

Hosting a YogaReach Mindful Movement for Parkinson's 
Professional Training
 will help you gain useful skills for your own practice as well as inspire attendees to reach within and strengthen their abilities!  

Our talented YogaReach Instructors will train workshop attendees to lead their own Mindful Movement classes for clients with PD and to incorporate adaptive therapeutic yoga practices into work with a multitude of clients.

YogaReach founder, Char Grossman, has created a targeted program for the growing community living with the effects of Parkinson's disease. For many years, the YogaReach team has served clients with neurological and neuromuscular challenges. YogaReach has instructed over thousands of clients and their carepartners managing life with PD. In response, Char developed the YogaReach Mindful Movement for PD class to incorporate adaptive techniques to strengthen the neuromuscular needs of this population. Students attending class are guided in movements that mimic daily skills in order to help them strengthen everyday movements and regain some control. When attending our live virtual or at your residence, you will learn how to hold your own classes in your communities. 

To share these life changing techniques with others serving those living with PD, Char now offers the YogaReach Mindful Movement for PD Professional Workshop.




Jimmy  and Cherryl.jpeg


1.  Acquire and understand the definition of Parkinson’s disease and explain how its diverse symptoms affect people differently.


2.  Learn to recognize motor and non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and how 

mobility changes lead to sensory nervous system challenges. 

3.  Learn how neuroplasticity may have a positive mind-body effect when  people diagnosed with Parkinson’s combine cognitive and movement exercises. 


4.  Construct skills to obtain information about client observation, intake questions, individual needs and proficiencies in order to generate class templates that honor each client’s abilities.


5.   Learn mindfulness and movement practices within varied approaches that help develop daily living skills.


6.  Develop skillful language that will be utilized during instruction, discussion and practice.


7.  Learn to create safe class management skills and understand safety and prevention techniques for both group and individual instruction. 


8. Teach participants to practice mindful stress management techniques. 


9.  Understand how the carepartner takes care of themselves and adjusts to their partner’s daily evolving functions. 


10.  Realize how the Mindful Movement adapted therapeutic yoga practice  implements new skills in participant’s yoga program on and off the mat when teaching sessions.


YogaReach is now booking workshop engagements through 2024. 

Contact us to arrange a workshop engagement at your facility.  


Learn more...

Mindful Movement for PD Professional Workshop Press Kit 


JIMMY CHOI, American Ninja Warrior, Fox Team Promoter and Motivational Speaker, along with his compassionate wife, Cherryl, presented at our Mindful Movement for Parkinson's Professional Workshop March 2, 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona. 

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