Teaching Adaptive Movement Workshop

                   An Introduction to Essential Skills

Are you an educator interested in learning adaptive therapeutic yoga strategies? 

Are you a yoga teacher, fitness coach, allied health professional or caregiver eager to increase your understanding of clients facing an array of medical challenges? 

Our skilled YogaReach instructors will introduce you to our integrated system of yoga poses, breath work, mindfulness practices, and relaxation techniques developed to help strengthen client abilities and increase well being. 

Attending a YogaReach Teaching Adaptive Movement workshop will help you: 


  • Gain an understanding of Special Needs, medical challenges, and neuroplasticity 

  • Observe adaptive therapeutic yoga instruction

  • Experience hands on techniques for ambulatory and non-ambulatory clients

  • Explore methods for obtaining your own adaptive therapeutic yoga certification

Contact us and learn how a

YogaReach workshop engagement 

will strengthen your skill set. 

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