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YogaReach Founder Char Grossman Interviewed by The Huffington Post!

Char Grossman, YogaReach founder, a Therapeutic Yoga Movement Specialist. and a Nationally Certified School Psychologist shares her thoughts on the importance of yoga movements in managing the symptoms of PD. In 2004, Char founded YogaReach, a therapeutic adaptive yoga movement business. She was inspired to start this work after experiencing the power of yoga personally as it aided her complete and miraculous recovery from a traumatic medical incident. As her business grew and she learned more methods to strengthen the mind-body connection, Char developed an affinity for working with the Parkinson’s disease community to strengthen its physical, mental and social competency. YogaReach’s Mindful Movement therapeutic yoga classes are offered alongside a multitude of other Parkinson’s disease classes and support groups.

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