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For Sigrid, Team Teaching is Key

Akron native Sigrid Stephens took our mentorship training program in 2017. A recently retired nurse, Stephens embraced her next career in yoga. A regular yoga practitioner, she noticed significant differences between our Mindful Movement adaptive program and other "mainstream" yoga classes.

"YogaReach empowers clients through a team-teaching approach. Three teachers work in tandem to decrease members' stiffness and tremors by facilitating breathing techniques, using movement to get the heart pumping, brain teasers, and guided relaxation."

Stephens notes that the team-teaching approach allows teachers to individualize with the continuing flux of motor and non-motor functions that can change moment to moment.

"It's absolutely essential that we (the teachers) observe those ongoing changes. Any class templates we may have planned are usually altered, based on how individuals and the class as a whole feel. I marvel at the dance that occurs between the teachers. My colleagues are sensitive, creative, and very humorous!"

Because each team member brings a different set of skills and background, Stephens has seen a variety of modifications and verbal clarifications that make the classes engaging and understandable to all clients. It keeps the class "highly motivating and entertaining" as the teachers interact with each other and the class. "The smiles and laughter never stop!"

"YogaReach teachers use a therapeutic approach that individualizes the needs of each member with PD resulting in an effective, compassionate and exhilarating class. I am thrilled to be part of this stellar team!"

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