Success Stories: YogaReach Empowers and Inspires

After my diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, I felt a deep sense of despair and loss of interest in most of my daily activities.  I'm not the first person in my family with PD and thought I knew what the road ahead would hold for me. Even though I did not attend class with an open mind or spirit, by the end of the hour, I knew my future would have a quality of life I didn't think possible. Char was so welcoming to me and set a tone in the class that was full of calmness and peace. The class provided practical exercises to help specific challenges for PD patients at a pace all participants felt comfortable executing. I enjoy the classes and look forward to those days with a renewed sense of hope and a more positive attitude about the future.


Kathy H. 


Char is an inspiring teacher who is dedicated to sharing yoga with people with disabilities. Her creativity and light-heartedness make her teaching fun and accessible. I know that she has touched the lives of so many people with the magic of yoga.

Jivana Heyman, Founder of Accessible Yoga

Char worked with my son, Keegan.  He had an AV Malformation rupture when he was going on 10 which left him paralyzed from t-4 down.  Char taught Keegan the importance of breath, was able to get him to relax his legs, and assisted him to feel energy through out his body and mind. Using breath and concentration, Keegan made progress.  In June of 2016, Keegan graduated from high school. The best news is that he is a graduate of Duke University. 


Char is truly dedicated to healing and is able to really connect and identify with people as to their needs.

Kim O., Mom and yoga teacher

Debbie F.jpg

As a person with Parkinson's Disease (PD) and a yoga instructor, I found Char's YogaReach Mindful Movement for PD Professional Workshop is truly beneficial to anyone who has contact with those who have PD, and for those of us with the condition. I learned strategies to challenge my brain and body (and those I teach) in ways I had not known before.  I have long believed in the power of yoga to help my symptoms because I see it in myself. Char took it to a new level, and the strategies we learned will keep me strong in mind and body for years to come.  It was an amazing weekend in other ways as well.  Everyone was so open about themselves. I left feeling I had made some lifetime friends in a matter of days!  I am forever touched by my experience with YogaReach.  Thanks for your commitment to the PD community!


Debbie F. , New Jersey

Our inner growth from practicing mindfulness helps us to outwardly promote positive social change. Gratitude to Char Grossman of YogaReach for her work strengthening abilities, and sharing the practice of yoga to empower those who are managing the effects of Parkinson's disease.


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