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Engage with YogaReach Mindful Movement 
           Professional Training Programs

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Discover thrilling opportunities with YogaReach! Whether you're an organization eager to host a class, a center in search of targeted therapeutic professional training, or a professional aiming to enhance adaptive skill sets, we've got options to fuel your passion.


Immerse yourself in our transformative Mindful Movement program, where participants and attendees unite thought and actions to reestablish and create new skills. Unlock your potential with YogaReach.


Our clients say..........Workshop Testimonials 

Each of the instructors were passionate about. what  they love to do. I appreciate their sharing this educational information and teaching so we can pass these amazing materials on to our program members.
                                           Kelly K. Exercise Coordinator, Avon, Ohio

The program was inspiriing, educational and motivational. The demonstrations were very helpful as well as meeting  clients living. with PD.

                                          Jill C. Physical Therapist, UH and CCF Ohio


Char Grossman, thank you!! The whole weekend was super informative 

and very inspiring. I could feel the love and positive energy from 

every person teaching and participating in the workshop.

                                            David K. Yoga Teacher, Chagrin Falls, Ohio


       Workshop April 28 -30, 2023 located at InMotion

Supported by, Ohio Parkinson's Foundation North East 



Parkinson's Disease Class

Embrace Abilities Class



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